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Your office can produce sizeable net income after your regular office hours – with little or no effort on your part! How? Own a dental assistant training school right in your office. You know dentistry inside and out and as such, there is no one more appropriate than you to own and operate a school.  

·        You create for yourself a saleable asset that is worth a lot of money

·        You create for yourself tens of thousands of pure profit dollars every year

 Here is the opportunity where you can take advantage of your office downtime and impact your income in a major way:

·        Without making any changes in and to your practice

·        Without changing your scheduling protocols

·        Without making any changes to your fees

·        Without adding one new patient

·        Without hiring more staff

·        Without adding even 1 additional hour of chairside time

The program is tried, true and is easily replicable. The proof is in performance and we have proved this over and over for the past number of years with the many schools that we have owned in multiple states. Everything we have developed and implemented is available to you in thorough and very easy to follow 4 manuals. The DATS program leaves no stone unturned. It addresses every aspect involved in conducting an ongoing financially successful and professionally rewarding school.

For example, the Operating Manual, among other things, shows you:

·        How and what to do to get started hitting the road running

·        Failsafe ways for ongoing student recruitment and enrollment

·        How to insure that students learn while both students and teachers have fun

·        How to administer the school

The Forms Manual is synchronized with the Operating Manual and contains letters, scripts, forms, etc for everything referenced in the Operating Manual. The Teacher Manual and Student Workbook are organized in compatible formats. 

In addition to the materials that comprise the “package” you get, your purchase includes our preparing and submitting the application to your State for the license to conduct a school (the State fee for the license is your expense) and one year of unlimited telephone support.


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