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    Speak to an Admissions person at your selected school (the contact number is listed with the listed school location)

    for a “contact name”.


 From a Computer Terminal:


             1. Get to the internet and enter -  www.slmfinancial.com


             2. In the lower left hand corner under Education Loans, click on – “SLM  Education loans”


             3. In the lower left hand corner under Career Training Loans, click on the button “apply now”


             4.  Select the State two letter code in which your selected school is located and click “next”


             5.  Scroll down the alphabetical listing and select your school. 

                 Enter the school contact name you were given when you were on the telephone with the school        

                 admissions person..  Click the “next” button.


             6.  Click “I Accept” at the bottom of  the next page.


             7.  Fill in all information requested. You must fill in information noted with a red * mark. 

                  Where you do not have the information requested type in “N/A”


             8. When the credit status tells you that  a co-borrower is required you can put your application

                 on hold and get back to it with the co-borrower information, but you must note and

                 remember the code number and password you are given in order to continue

                 filling out your loan application.


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