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What Students Say about the DATS Program.
... I was recently laid off after working for a company for 18 years. The DATS training gave me the opportunity to change my career. I did not have to take two or more years of college programs, which I cannot afford or have time for.

At DATS You Benefit from the High Demand for Dental Assistants

There is a high demand for trained Dental Assistants nationwide.  Employment is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations at least through the year 2010.

At DATS You Benefit From Hands-on Learning in a Real Dental Office

All classes are taught in a modern working dental office in the evening after the hours for patient care.  Teachers are all working dental assistants and the program is hands on learning by doing.  There is one teacher for each group of five students and you learn what dentists want you to learn.

You learn how to use modern equipment and the latest technology!

At DATS You Become A Dental Assistant in Just 9 Weeks

Classes are held 8 hours a week, evenings from 6pm to 10pm. This means you can  keep your current job and income until you graduate and enter your new profession.

It takes just 9 weeks from start to finish to have a new career.

At DATS You Learn to Advance Quickly on the Job

Many people start out as dental assistants and discover other opportunities in the dental field such as treatment coordinator, senior dental assistant, or office manager. 

At DATS you get the skills for a career that can get you employment in every part of the United States.

Tuition loans are available. Click HERE.

Prospective Students:  For additional information about DATS training and the school nearest you, send an Email or call us at 877-777-8719.


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