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What Students Say about the DATS Program.
... I began training with a complete lack of confidence. I never did well in science-related programs and was convinced that there wasn't a chance I would even pass. Now with the training completed, I feel surer of myself than I could have believed nine weeks ago.

DATS Dental Assistant Program

Quality Training

DATS training  is designed to teach you entry-level dental assistant skills. You can successfully train for a new career even if you have no previous experience.  The program was designed by dental professionals who know what you need to become a valuable employee.  

Short-term Economical Training

DATS believes that dental assisting is best learned through on-the-job experience. That is why you train in a real dental office. Tuition is low. You don't have to spend up to ten months in school or take time away from work in order to change careers. 

Easy-to-follow Curriculum

The DATS  Dental Assistant curriculum is 72 hours in length and is divided into sixteen, four-hour modules. Each module includes approximately one hour of lecture followed by three hours of operatory time. The focus is on what you need to be productive on the job. During the lecture you learn  by looking at slides and listening to your instructor. There is plenty of time for questions to ensure your success. 

Hands-on Learning in a Real Dental Office

Most class time is spent practicing skills in a functioning dental office during non-patient time. You learn by doing so you have the skills to be confident and successful your first day on the job.

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Prospective Students:  For additional information about the DATS Program and for information about the school nearest you, send an Email or call us at 877-777-8719.

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