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What Students Say about the DATS Program.
... I began training with a complete lack of confidence. I never did well in science-related programs and was convinced that there wasn't a chance I would even pass. Now with the training completed, I feel surer of myself than I could have believed nine weeks ago.


We Offer The Extras to Ensure Your Success

Course Work Assistance

We know it you may have been in school a while ago. Or perhaps getting good grades was a challenge. That's why our instructors oversee your progress and offer techniques so your studying is effective and you are successful on your exams.

Professional Information

Our instructors and staff are working professionals in the dental field. They can tell you about jobs and career potential from their own experience.

Employment Skills and Placement Assistance

Our program includes the specific how-to's to get you ready to look for your first job. We network with the local dental community to find out about job openings as soon as they occur. DATS provides placement assistance but cannot guarantee employment.

We Are Focused on Your Success

Tuition loans are available. If you are interested, click here.


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